Adventurous. Audacious. Avantgarde.

These words encapsulate the spirit and energy of Bevande International – a young and innovative independent Importer, Marketer and Distributor of exclusive and unique alcoholic beverages from around the world. 

We search all corners of the globe for the most exciting and cutting-edge beverage concepts and deliver them to our discerning and distinguished clientele, wherever they may be.
Quality and originality are at the heart of everything we do.

Be daring. Be different. Bevande.


Italian for “beverages”, the word Bevande International conjures up images of magnificent hot summer days on the iconic sun-bleached pebbled beaches of Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast. It was here, whilst sipping on an ice-cold cocktail at a charming cliff-side café overlooking the picturesque town of Positano, that we first learnt of this vibrantly expressive word. It stuck with us ever since and, needless to say, became the perfect name for our global beverage distribution business..

Bevande International is a trademark of Compass Network Pty Ltd, a company that has been involved in the F&B and luxury goods distribution space since 2011. Our founders and leadership team possess deep expertise in distribution and supply chain management processes and share combined experience across a wide range of industries including import/export, F&B, luxury goods, e-commerce, Fin-tech, Public Relations and Marketing in Australia & internationally.


Bevande International was established to meet the growing consumer demand for premium and unique RTD (Ready-To-Drink) and RTS (Ready-To-Serve) alcoholic beverages. Through the selective brands we have partnered with, we aim to deliver quality, consistency, convenience, less wastage, and faster service in a more accessible and innovative form factor that allows the consumer more choice and freedom to enjoy their favourite beverage anywhere, anytime, anyway and with anyone!

We are an ambitious bunch and have many more lofty goals in the future which we can’t wait to share with you in time. So why not subscribe to our newsletter and come along for some of the best Bevande in the biz? An exciting and memorable adventure awaits you!  

Quality & Originality are at the heart of everything we do



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